Keep Up with Your Roof Before Trouble Strikes

shingle roof repairTaking appropriate care of a roof can be challenging – and expensive.  It can quickly turn into a headache for the average homeowner.  To help our local homeowners, our team at A-1 Property & Services took some time to write down some of the major roofing dilemmas.

Major Problems & Solutions

Loss of Support

Problem: Ponding or standing water that is unable to drain can inflict serious damage to your roof.  If you notice excessive sagging or piled up debris, your roof’s structural integrity may be in question.

Solution:  Check gutters for obstructions and have them cleaned if necessary.  Low-slope roofing must be examined to ensure that the drainage route is properly directing water off of the rooftop.  Clogged drains will have to be fixed by a professional.

Flashing Leaks

Problem: Easily damaged by strong winds and other weather events, flashing is the #1 location for roof leakage. Flashing, the strips of metal (or other material) that runs along valleys, projections, and other vulnerable areas, is one of the most important components of a waterproof roof.  Many tile roofs have sustained severe water damage from a lack of properly applied flashing.

Solution: Observe whether your roof is shedding water efficiently during a rainstorm.  Check inside the attic (if safely accessible) for signs of water damage and dripping.  If you notice anything, calling in a professional immediately will mitigate both the damage sustained and the amount it will cost to repair the damaged area.

Weather Damage

Problem: Roofing material is designed to withstand severe weather related events. However, when subject to extreme weather scenarios—such as tropical storms and hurricanes—your roof immediately becomes a serious risk factor. Wind-related damage (missing or curling shingles) and sun-related damage (cracked, brittle, or curling shingles) are both danger signs of a roof that requires maintenance.

Solution: Ensure your roof has maintained its integrity after severe weather incidents by utilizing roof inspection options offered by local roofing professionals.  Be wary of contractors who come to your door soliciting business – many homeowners have been scammed out of thousands of dollars by the so-called “storm chasers.”

Our Solution:

We have worked with numerous homeowners throughout Miami and the Fort Lauderdale area who have repeatedly asked: how do we make roof maintenance part of our routine?

It’s easy. Schedule A1 Property Services schedule an annual or semi-annual preventive roof maintenance program to monitor the condition of your roof and keep your home safe from damage.

Since your roof covers your family and belongings, offering protection and stability from the external environment, you want to ensure that you hire a quality roofing contractor who will be able to choose the optimal material, product and installation process for your home.

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Originally published on June 22, 2012. 
Information updated June 2, 2015.