Looking at Roofing Companies in Miami? Make Sure You Get a Good Warranty!

lic & ins workersIf you are in need of roof repairs or replacement, then making sure that you look for roofing companies in Miami that provide extensive warranties for their work and products is of absolute importance. We understand that once you repair or replace your roof, the last thing you want to do is pay for additional repairs only a short time later. Not only is this a waste of money, but it means that the roof was repaired or replaced using poor quality materials or shoddy workmanship – or even both! This is why at A-1 Property Services we provide extensive GAF warranties for our roof replacement and repair services, not just to protect you, our customer, but also as a sign of the confidence we have in our work.

Our GAF Warranties

Unlike many roofing companies in Miami, we provide three different types of GAF warranties to our customers that cover four different areas of roof replacement and repair. GAF warranties cover material defects, workmanship, problem prevention and peace of mind.

  • Base – The Base System Warranty offers 10-year system coverage that includes the cost of installation labor. Additionally, you will also be provided with wind coverage for up to category 3 hurricane wind speeds.
  • Better – The Better System Warranty covers your entire roof system for 50 years as well as a lifetime coverage for the cost of installation labor. You will also receive a 2-year warranty on our workmanship as well as wind coverage.
  • Best – The Best System Warranty, the Golden Pledge, is the most extensive warranty available and will cover your entire roof system for 50 years and will provide lifetime coverage for the cost of installation labor, as well. Additionally, you’ll be provided with 25-year workmanship coverage and wind coverage.
Warranty Options

Just keep in mind, that in order to take advantage of the maximum wind coverage that our warranties provide, special installation is required. You will also need to register your warranty for it to be considered in effect.

As far as our products, customer service and workmanship goes, we are proud to be considered one of the best roofing companies in Miami. Our dedication to customer satisfaction is not only evident by our reputation in the area, but also by the different warranties that we allow customers to choose from to ensure that their investment is protected.

A-1 Property Services is a GAF Master Elite roofing contractor and we will do our utmost to satisfy all of your roofing needs.