Roofing Contractor Fact vs. Myth

It seems as though nothing can be more burdensome to a Miami area resident than discovering that your home is in dire need of roof repairs. Not only does this indicate a great financial burden, but the required work can seem daunting. To help you out in the realm of roof repairs, we have compiled a little list of the facts and myths surrounding our industry. Always glad to dispel fact from fiction when it comes to reputable roofing contractors, here are a few myths and truths, courtesy of A-1 Property Services:

miami roofing contractor fact vs myth


Inefficient expenses: One of the biggest myths about roof repair contractors concerns their expense. Some disreputable contractors charge a minimal amount – at your expense. Using cheaper or mismatched materials can void warranties and future insurance coverage. A higher cost can correlate to a better warranty, more thorough workmanship, and proper cleanup and installation.

Disrespectful: We are not quite sure where this one began, but we’ve heard horror stories about disrespectful and irresponsible roof contractors. By and large most roof contractors are fun to have around: they are professional, thorough, and are respectful of your property and home.


Customer Care: One of the facts about roof repairmen is that they truly care about their clients. We insist that all of our repairmen and installers go above and beyond to ensure our clients are fully satisfied with the project completion.

Warranty: Reputable roofing companies offer a workmanship warranty that stands behind the work they do on your roof.  When combined with manufacturer’s warranties (available with a properly installed roofing system), your roof investment will be covered for years to come.

When it comes to selecting a roofing contractor, be sure to ask them their stance on these facts and myths.  At A-1 Property Services, we commit to offering high quality, affordable service – always placing our clients first.

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