My Roofline Has a Wave…..Not a Permanent Wave

Other than being unattractive, a sagging roof is a warning that the roof could collapse. A roof can potentially last up to 100 years depending on the materials that are used, therefore, when roofers in Miami are building your home, it is important to make sure they are constructing it so its structural integrity will hold for a long time.

5 Causes of Sagging

Old English HouseIt is highly recommended that you have your roof inspected by qualified roofers in Miami every 3 years in order to ascertain its condition. You can also at the start of every season, inspect your roof yourself for damaged or loose shingles, loose flashing near flues and vents, and anything else which might lead to underlying structural damage to the roof.

5 main causes of roof sagging include:

  • Weakened Roofing Materials – Water infiltration can cause damaged and weakened areas which are likely to cause the roof to sag or have a wave as they do not have the rigidity or sturdiness to stay in place for a long period of time.
  • Faulty Roof Materials – Roofing materials that are faulty, or improperly installed, can determine how long your roof will last.
  • Excess Weight – Excess weight exerted on the roof by heavy shingles, such as tile, may be too much for your roofs construction. Also, heavy snow can add to the load on a roof and may need to be removed.
  • Ceiling Joint Connection – Joints are subject to aging like everything and the joists and rafters can loose their strength and possibly rot through leading to a sagging roofline.
  • Extremes of Weather – Heavy snow, too much cold or heat, hot sun, high humidity, and rain can all affect your roof in their own ways.


Call Professional Roofers in Miami 

If you realize that your roof is sagging, you should not wait; call in professional roofers in Miami to help resolve the issue, as soon as possible. In addition to potentially causing serious injuries, a collapsed roof will lead to higher repair costs. In any case, the role of experts cannot be overlooked in this case. The experienced roofers at A-1 Property Services know exactly how to help.

If you live in Miami and are in need of repairs for a sagging or damaged roof, contact A-1 Property Services. Since 2005, our qualified roofers have been repairing and maintaining roofs in the Miami area and can guarantee you quality and professionalism in all their work.

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