Bring Your Favorite Team Home

Many of us have our favorite teams. The teams we follow, root for, and live by. It’s natural to want to incorporate your favorite team into your home’s decor, but how can you do it tastefully? How can you showcase your team without feeling like you’re walking into the locker room?

Showcasing Your Favorite Team

Some of the best ways to feature your favorite team in your home’s decor include:

Using the Team’s Colors in Your Color Palette—A great way to incorporate your favorite team into your home’s decor is to use the team’s colors in the room’s color palette. This is a tasteful and understated way to honor your favorite team. For example, if you love the University of Miami you can use the bold orange and green in a color palette including dark gray, light gray, and white. The green and orange would work well in window treatments or pillows.

Finding Unique Ways to Display Mementos—Instead of just setting your mementos out or hanging posters on the wall think creatively about unique display methods. You can hang large black and white canvas photographs showing the team in action. Display cases or shadow boxes are fun ways to highlight memorabilia and mementos.

Dedicating an Entire Room to the Team—Consider dedicating the media room, office, or basement to your favorite team without making it feel like you’re in a sports bar. For example, your media room could incorporate the Miami Heat logo and team colors in curtains, rugs, and paint colors. The red, gold, and black team colors would also work well in framed art and photographs.


Showcasing Your Home’s Exterior

As you work to incorporate your favorite sports team into your Miami home’s decor, it is also important to not forget the exterior of your home, including the shingle roofing. Making sure your roof is looking great and is ready for the upcoming winter season should be #1 on your list.

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