Solar Reflective Roof Coatings Tame Florida’s Sun

some pictures 024bSouth Florida is a great place to live. That almost non-stop sunlight has many benefits for an active way of life. But, that same sun can also bring some major disadvantages when it comes to the cooling of your business property and it can also can affect the longevity of your roof. As roofers in Miami, A-1 Property Services is very aware of this and recommends solar reflective roofing.

3 Benefits of a Solar Reflective Coating on Your Roof

Although solar reflective coatings for roofs have been around for more than 30 years, it is only recently that the value and benefits of them have become more well known.

1.  Because the thermal heat is deflected, your A/C needs are decreased which means a lower utility bill.

2.  A lower roof temperature means your existing roof’s life will be extended, which will result in significant savings in the long run.

  • The surface heat of the roof affects the durability of the roof membrane beneath the roof coating. 
  • A ‘cool roof’ coating, as many solar reflective coatings are called, helps your roof’s life span by reducing the expansion and contraction cycles that extreme temperatures cause.

3.  If you have an overhang or roof area covering a open platform, even though it is open, it is still affected by the heat generated on the roof. A solar reflective coating would be most beneficial.

You do not need to remove an old roof in order to have a cool roof applied. These solar reflective coatings can be applied by roofers in Miami at almost any stage in your roof’s useful life, although do not count on it to salvage a roof that is already in need of repair or replacement.

Additional Benefits

There are benefits that extend beyond your own savings:

  • If you are using less energy, especially during peak energy usage times, it will help reduce power outages. Just think of the advantages if everyone in your location had solar reflective roof coatings. Even those ‘gray outs’ could be lessened. Those half power moments can stop production just as completely as a full power outage.
  • By using a solar reflective coating that extends the life of your roof, you are also lowering the amount of roofing material being discarded in landfills.

Solar reflective roof coatings provide great advantages for the commercial building owner by extending the life of a roof, protecting existing membranes, and reflecting solar radiation which lowers AC expenses and creates a more comfortable environment within the building.

To learn more about having solar reflective roof coating added to your commercial building’s roof, A-1 Property Services are the roofers in Miami to contact.

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