The Best Way to Protect Your Shingle Roof

The Best Way to Protect Your Shingle Roof

There are many things that can go wrong with your roof, and just as many things that you can do to try to protect it from the inevitable. But is it all worth the stress, time and money? Sometimes, something simple can be the answer to all your roofing problems, so why haven’t you thought about it yet?

Huge Investment

You don’t want to waste your money on such a huge investment for your home just for it to go to waste in the end. Discussing warranties, statistics, pros and cons of each warranty, and each protection option will help you better understand what you really can do to protect your roof.


If a shingle roof keeps your head dry, the most important part of that roof is the shingles that rest on top of it. Protect your shingles with a warranty instead of wasting time and risking your safety by adding material protectants to your roof.

  • Prorated Warranty:

A prorated warranty means that over time, the amount that the manufacturer has to pay for the consequences of their fault will decrease. Each year after your roof is installed, the cost is covered 5% less, and more will have to be taken out of your own pocket for the repairs.

  • Non-prorated Warranty:

On the other hand, a non-prorated warranty will continue to cover the total cost the entire time the warranty is in place, taking full liability for the incident, and preventing you from ever having to reach into your wallet.


Shingle warranties of any kind can last quite some time, (anywhere between 25-50 years), but they all vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Usually, only factory defects are fully covered by the manufacturing company, and some of the defects can arise months after installation, if not years afterwards.

Filing a Claim

If you do happen to come into contact with an issue regarding a factory defect, find your warranty and a copy of the original estimate. The date the shingles were installed, proof that you are the owner of the shingles, and the number of defective shingle squares that were installed will also prove to be helpful later on in the process.

Call A-1 Property Service of the Tri-County Area to discuss what type of warranty you have, and the pros and cons of investing in a new shingle warranty now.

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