The Importance of Working with Licensed Roofing Companies

Installing or Repairing Roofing in Hollywood, FL

Despite numerous online sources offering tips on how to repair a damaged roof or install a new one, homeowners are likely to rely on professional roofers rather than take on the task themselves, primarily due to safety reasons. However, as the Consumer Federation of America recently found out, not every roofer who has a business card can be trusted.

Acting on a telephone tip, an investigator for the California Department of Consumer Affairs Contractors State Licensing Board raced to a house to find a man and his three employees cutting tree limbs from unsecured ladders placed on the roof. The man did not have a license– he had failed the license exam every time he took it–but he did have a business card with a phony license number on it. He was cited for the licensing violation and issued a stop order prohibiting him for working on any job with employees until he obtained a workers’ compensation insurance policy. When he failed to show up in court on the licensing charge, the agency worked with the local district attorney’s office to spring a trap: he was invited to a house to give a bid, and promptly arrested when he showed up.

lack ran outHollywood, Florida has a tropical monsoon climate that brings thunderstorms and heavy rain chiefly in June; hence it is very possible for some roofing in Hollywood, FL to require repair. However, hiring unlicensed contractors can prove to be costly as Daniel Simmons stressed in an article in If an uninsured roofer gets injured while working, the roofer has the right to sue the homeowners and demand coverage for medical bills and loss of wages simply because the accident occurred on their property.

So how exactly should homeowners know whether they are working with licensed roofing contractors in Hollywood, FL or not? It’s simple, says Mimi Cook for Yahoo Voices− all they have to do is ask for it and verify it with their state’s agency (the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation for FL homeowners). Some reputable contractors like A1 Property Services proudly display their license number on their website for the homeowners’ convenience.

Working with licensed roofers is just as important as working with licensed doctors. As homeowners will refuse to let unlicensed doctors treat them, they shouldn’t trust unlicensed roofing contractors too.

(From Top 10 Consumer Complaints,, July 31 2013)