The Metal Roofing Process


Homeowners in the Davie area who want to add decades of useful life to their home’s roof almost always turn to metal roofing. A metal roof replacement for old shingles is a cost-effective, long-lasting strategy. Asphalt-fiberglass shingles are the single most popular roofing material because of their extremely low installation cost, not because they last as long as metal roofing. A metal roof can top 50 years of reliable, trouble-free service, while an asphalt-fiberglass shingle roof may start leaking after only 15 years. 

Metal Roof Replacement

The steps for replacing a Davie home’s shingle roof with a sturdy, attractive metal roof depend on the homeowner’s choice. Many types of metal roofing can go directly over the existing shingle roof, saving the costs of tear-off and disposal. Some metal roofing will telegraph, or transfer, the pattern of the underlying shingles, so tear-off is required. Discuss your options with your local, trustworthy roofer.

The Process

As the homeowner, you want to pick a metal roof that matches your Davie home’s style. Metal roofing need not look industrial. It comes in shingle, shake, tile, and seam styles (Tuff-rib, R-panel, batten, standing seam). Work with your A-1 Property Services roofing consultant to select the finish and color you want.

Let’s assume you opt to remove the old shingles. This leaves underlayment and sheathing. At A-1 Property Services we recommend replacing the old tar paper underlayment with water shield (up north it’s water and ice shield), for a waterproof seal. A slip sheet can be inserted between the metal roof and underlayment. The metal roofing is then attached over the new slip sheet and underlayment.

Next, our expert crews install the metal roofing according to manufacturer’s specifications to preserve the warranty. The steps involve the right tools and hardware:

  • Fasteners—Some metal roofing requires metal screws, other types require clip fasteners.
  • Cutters—Metal roofing can be scored with a knife, bent with a brake, and cut with metal snips
  • Seamers—Most roofers use power seamers to join panels

Installation will take into account thermal expansion, wind direction and water shedding, so your metal roof lasts a lifetime. Sometimes a sealant is needed in addition to the mechanical fasteners. After the panels, shingles or metal tiles are installed, metal trim finishes off the edges and leaves your Davie home with a dazzling, beautiful metal roof.

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Metal Roofing Services