The Right Installation and Maintenance of Commercial Roofing in Miami, FL Can Help Protect a Building from Fires

Firefighters extinguished a fire on the roof of an affordable housing facility for seniors still under construction in West Miami-Dade Wednesday afternoon.

fire engulfsPiedrahita said the fire started on the roof, when a container of tar tipped over onto highly-flammable roofing materials.

“Because the building is pretty much concrete, the only thing we really had to worry about was fire spreading on the roof. Not anything inside. Walls, furniture, nothing like that,” Lt. Piedrahita said. “So this was pretty much ideal for us.”

This is the second fire in four days at the site.
On Sunday, smoke was seen billowing from the roof.
Lighting was to blame in that instance, according to Piedrahita.
Despite reasonable explanations for both fires, some chalked it up to plain old bad luck. reported that a fire broke out on the roof of a low-cost housing facility for seniors that was still under construction, four days after another fire broke out in the same place. The causes of both fires were considered accidental, and were blamed mostly on the flammable materials used for the building’s roofing. No one was hurt from the fire, and damage was contained mostly on the roof.

Fire protection is one of the most important qualities that commercial roofing in Miami, FL and other parts of the country should have; one way to achieve this is by using roofing materials that are considered fire-resistant, such as asphalt shingles, fiberglass, and metal roofing. Materials that are not fire-resistant may be reinforced during assembly with additional products that are installed between the roof covering and roof sheathing. Proper installation is also very important to make sure all of the roofing’s flammable materials are secure from contact with elements that can ignite a fire, such as lightning.

Regular roofing inspections also need to be done to check for possible fire hazards, among other things. The lightning protection system of a commercial building for example, has to be checked for broken cables to ensure the system will still function effectively; and the roof has to be kept free from debris and materials that may ignite a fire. Expert Miami commercial roofing companies, such as A-1 Property Services can be relied on to conduct regular, thorough inspections of commercial roofing, and conduct the proper maintenance services to keep the roof in excellent condition.

(From Fire Engulfs W. Miami Apartment Building,, July 24, 2013)