Thinking About a Slate Roof?

gaf_truslate_blackDurable slate roofing lends a gorgeous, classy appearance to any roof. Since slate is a natural material formed of fine-grained metamorphic rock, choosing it as a roofing material deserves some considerations of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at a few.

The Advantages

Slate roofing tiles do carry some distinct advantages that may be enough to make the decision to choose a slate roof an easy one for South Florida homeowners. Experts in the roofing field can help you determine if the slate you choose for your roof is allowable under local Miami or Dade County codes and ordinances.

  • Durability

    Most roofs last up to 20, sometimes 30, years. A slate roof, however, can endure for 150 years or more. Imagine never having to replace your roof for two centuries. That’s an advantage worth considering.

  • Impressive Appearance

    Slate roof tiles come in a variety of thickness and attractive colors and shades, but all add immediate beauty to any homeowner’s roof. Appearance is often a deciding factor for selecting striking slate roofing tiles.

  • Resistance to Fire

    Slate roofing tiles are 100% fire-resistant. Sparks from out-of-control wildfires, casually tossed fireworks or firecrackers, or wind-driven embers from neighboring house fires won’t affect slate tiles.

The Disadvantages

Now for the downside. Naturally, as with any roofing material, there are disadvantages to selecting slate tiles for covering your roof.

  • Cost

    Slate roofs aren’t cheap. Your first step should be to arrange to have a reputable roofing company provide you with an estimate to see if a slate roof is, indeed, a financial feasibility.

  • Fragility

    Despite slate’s durability, this natural roofing material is also quite fragile. A tree surgeon or HVAC repairman traipsing about on a slate tile roof can easily shatter slate tiles. Finding replacement slate roof tiles in the shade and thickness you need years down the road can prove to be a difficult, if not impossible, task.

  • Weight

    The structure of your home needs to be in excellent shape in order to bear the weight of slate roofing tiles. One hundred square feet of slate tiles can weigh as much as 1500 pounds. Not every home can support the weight of a slate-covered roof.

  • Installation Headaches

    Roofing companies need to know what they’re doing when installing slate roofs. Carefully research a company before signing a contract.

GAF TruSlate Premium Roofing System

GAF TruSlate is an affordable alternative to traditional slate roofing systems, costing significantly less than traditional slate roof installation. This is because it has been created with less wasted slate. Less waste slate also means a lighter slate roof. Because it is lighter, in most cases structural modification are not needed to accommodate a TruSlate Premium Roofing System.

For more information concerning slate roofs or GAF TruSlate roofing tiles, please contact A1 Property Services, and talk with our roofing professionals.

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