So Many Tile Roof Color Choices

As the popularity of tile roofs increases, homeowners in tropical areas such as the Miami region are interested in the options available for their tile roofs. Tile use in the southern coastal areas is a very common and functional option. The primary types of tile roofs in service in Miami are either clay tiles or concrete tiles.

  • Concrete is the least expensive roof tile option and it has a life span of 30 to 50 years. This material allows for a number of color options as the color is added by mixing various dyes and coloring agents in with the raw concrete during the mixing process. Some homeowners prefer the soft grey look of natural concrete. Expect some softening of the colors over time, but that process is an even and natural one that does not detract from the appearance of the roof over the years. This fading effect is simply due to the interaction of Miami’s bright sun.
  • Clay tiles are known for their long life, often hundreds of years. The colors of clay tile will vary somewhat depending on the area from which the clay is extracted. As a general rule, clay tiles are normally found in warm shades and variations of red, orange, terracotta and other earth tones. These colors can be enhanced if the tiles are glazed. Tiles such as these are commonly used in Mediterranean areas as well as through out many near-tropical regions here in the United States.


tile_roofTo suit the demands of architects, builders, and home owners alike, tile roof colors are available in broad variations of gray, green, red, tan, terracotta, white, purple and brown, as well as an impressive collection of profiles and shapes meant to correspond with many popular home styles.

A-1 Property Services can help you with your decisions for a new tile roof. It can be difficult choosing your tile because of all the different styles and colors so we have different manufacturer’s samples and literature we can provide you with to help make the decision easier.

A-1 has a specialized tile installation crew who has the experience in installing residential tile roofs. Call us at A-1 Property Services for a free estimate for a new tile roof for your Miami home.

Tile Roof Options