Top 5 Spring Cleaning Chores

Welcome to our first blog! With this blog we hope to provide you valuable information not just about your Miami roof, but other helpful tips about your home and things of interest for people who live in the Miami area. We are proud to be not only Miami’s Best Roofer, but also a helpful neighbor. Hopefully these tips will help you with your spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning at one time involved a complete top to bottom cleaning of every square inch of a home. To complete the process families would often spend an entire week removing, cleaning, and replacing everything in the home to create that spring-fresh feeling. Today’s spring cleaning may not be as involved, but there are a few tasks that need to be performed seasonally in your Miami home. Here are the top 5 chores that need to be done this season.

1. Check Appliances

We expect our appliances to perform whenever we need them, but sometimes their care can be neglected. Each spring take the time to inspect your major appliances for wear and tear. The coils of the refrigerator should be vacuumed, and the drain pan should be cleaned out. Accumulated lint needs to be cleaned from the dryer vents. Clean out accumulated gunk from your oven and refrigerator, then clean dishwashers, disposals and washing machines. Heating and cooling units need maintenance as well.

2. Garage Storage

Chances are your garage could use some attention this spring too. Whether you need to schedule a garage cleanup day or just need to remove a few items to be sold in a garage sale, it makes sense to pay a little attention to your garage this spring. Take advantage of the nicer weather to remove items from your garage and send them on their way. Use rewards to help bribe your family into helping out.

3. Patios and Outdoor Areas

Spring is a great time to get the outdoors ready for entertaining. Clean the patio and outdoor furniture. Do some basic landscaping repairs on the lawn, shrubbery, and plants. The exterior doors and windows of the home may need some attention. Check for fence and exterior repairs. Lawn maintenance or pest prevention may need to be performed as well. Don’t forget that outdoor cleaning projects are great to involve the whole family. With a little effort this spring, outdoor areas will be ready to entertain throughout the summer.

4. Ceiling Fans

Winter is over and warmer temperatures are here! Take a few minutes to clean off dust and buildup on your ceiling fans. Also, remember to make sure they turn counter-clockwise to circulate the cool air.

5. Outdoor Grills

Warmer temperatures mean it’s time to fire up the outdoor grill! If your grill has spent the winter sitting in silence, it may need a little tune-up to be ready for spring and summer fun.

Hope this helps you get your spring off to a good start!