My Trees Are Close to My House – How Close is Too Close?

If you notice tree branches hanging too closely over your home’s roof, as your Miami roofing contractor, we would advise you to trim them back.  Learning the best way to prune your trees so they will not affect your roof will help protect your investment.

How Trees Can Damage Your Roof and Home

  • Overhanging trees and their leaves can cause mold and damage to the roof, siding, and gutters.
  • Vegetation touching the side of a home can attract moisture and insects.
  • Fast growing roots can damage the home’s foundation and cement walkways.
  • Planting trees too close together can cause some of them to die prematurely.


Planting Trees

Picture 2There are several different reasons for planting trees, from shading to providing habitat for wildlife to heating and cooling to aesthetics. In order to protect your home’s roof from tree branches and debris, even a falling tree, you should first research planting recommendations based on proximity to the home.
Besides protecting your roof from trees, there are other considerations to make. The following additional tips will help you properly place trees on your property:

  • Don’t plant too close to sidewalk – maintain clearance for walking. Also, chose trees whose roots won’t break the pavement.
  • Chose trees or shrubs for planting near windows that are suitable for pruning and won’t obstruct the view. Make sure the roots of your chosen tree or shrub won’t damage the foundation.
  • When planting trees under utility wires chose a variety that won’t grow too tall.
  • Remember, trees need plenty of space for growth and a series of trees needs to be spaced apart so that they don’t compete with each other for sunlight.


Pruning Trees

Miami homeowners who need their trees pruned can either do it themselves or turn to a professional for assistance; as your Miami roofing contractor we can help you find one. There are multiple reasons for pruning, such as reducing tree height, shaping a tree, and removing branches that are damaged or causing obstruction.

It may be better to have experts remove large branches if you lack sufficient pruning tools. Pruning involves very specific techniques so turning to a professional may be prudent when large trees are involved.

A-1 Property Services, your Miami roofing contractor, can help you decide where to plant trees in the future, or guide you to landscaping professionals, so that your home will still be shaded without the risk of damage to your roof. Contact A-1 Property Service for an inspection of your roof and any repairs that may be needed.

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