How to Choose the Best Type of Roof for Your Home

types of roofs for Miami homeowners

When you’re considering redoing your roof or are in the process of new construction, it can be overwhelming to look at the many types of roofs available. Each style of roof has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Take time to look through the brief overview of roof types to get you started choosing the best roof for your home.

Dependable Asphalt Shingles

The most popular material choice in America remains the asphalt shingle roof. It is affordable, easy to install and versatile enough to adapt to nearly any style or size of roof. The wide selection of color options fits your building’s architectural appearance. A more modern update from asphalt shingles are fiberglass shingles, which are more durable and lighter weight. Both types of shingles can be easily repaired if your roof is damaged. Cons: shingle roofs typically have the shortest lifespan of any roof type available to Miami homeowners.

Versatility of Metal

The use of metal roofing on residential properties is becoming increasingly popular. This roof type is durable, environmentally-friendly, energy-saving and provides lasting value to a home. It comes in various beautiful styles and colors that can mimic the look of other types of roofs, including asphalt and slate. With a projected lifespan of up to 50 years, a metal roof offers incredible fire and wind resistance, and can help keep your home cool in the hot Miami weather. Cons: Metal roofing requires a higher up-front cost than shingles, which can be daunting for some homeowners.

Lasting Beauty of Slate

Beautiful, durable, and timeless, slate remains a classic option for roofing materials. With the potential of lasting longer than your home, slate adds the look of old-world charm to a home. Resistant to fire and almost anything else Mother Nature throws at it, this type of roof is more expensive than asphalt, but will not curl or warp. Cons: A slate roof can be challenging to install, and requires an experienced contractor.

Artistry of Tile

Homes in South Florida are known for their Spanish-influenced architecture and tile roofs tie into that style. Many types of roofs benefit from these tiles made of concrete or clay that come in rounded, flat or mission style. Many people choose tile roofing because of its colorful beauty and unique appearance. It’s important that your roof be able to support these tiles, as they are considerably heavier than shingle and metal roofs. Cons: Although durable as a whole, individual tiles may crack for a variety of reasons, from improper installation to the weight of foot traffic. When they do, they should be replaced immediately by a professional contractor.

Finesse of Flat

A large number of South Florida homes have flat roofs or roofs with partially flat sections. It takes a certain expertise and finesse to properly deal with these types of roofs, since they are prone to collecting water and debris when installed improperly. It’s important that you find a roofing professional capable of installing the right materials for your flat roof.  Cons: Flat roofs require frequent monitoring to prevent an unwanted buildup of water that could result in a roof leak.

Local, Professional Help Available

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Roofing Options for Miami Homeowners