Use the GAF Style Guide to Find the Right Shingles for your Miami Home

GAF_Camelot_Aged_Oak_Photo_3As one of the leading roofing companies in Miami, the professionals at A-1 Property Services are often asked how to choose the best shingles. Fortunately, GAF has created a style guide that can help you determine the right shingles to use for your home, and it contains some excellent advice on color and style.


The style guide is broken down into different categories that will help you choose the right style and color of shingles for your Miami home. There is a section that allows you to “try on” your shingles in order to see what they might look like. You can also experiment with different shingle and trim combinations to come up with the right design for roofing companies in Miami to use.

Colors that Tell your Story

It can be especially helpful to visit the section titled “Colors that Tell your Story” before speaking with any roofing companies in Miami. Here, you can click on different shades that represent the exterior color of your home. In turn, you’ll get a brief description of each color, and then you’ll be provided with some suggestions as to which shingle choices would work best for your home. You can see how the different colors provide a different look for the model home presented, and will then be better able to imagine how they might look on your own Miami home.

Choose your Shingle Style

ShingleThere are a number of different shingle styles available, and the GAF style guide will help you choose the right one. As in the color section, you can choose different styles of shingles to see what they might look like on your home and you also get a brief description of the different styles to help you choose. In this section, you can either upload a photo of your Miami home, or change the siding colors on the model house shown in order to have a better idea how different style and color combinations work together.

As one of the leading roofing companies in Miami, A-1 Property Services is dedicated to providing top-notch, personalized service to all our customers.We hope you’ll visit the GAF style guide online to see the different choices that are available. After doing so, contact us at A-1 Property Services to schedule a free estimate.

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