How to “Go Green” with New Home Roofing Options

Green Roofing Options in Miami from A1 Property SevicesGreen, eco-friendly roofing products are an ever-growing trend in the roofing and new construction markets. With so many exciting developments in roofing technology in recent years, a green roof has become more than just a fad.  It is a smart, practical choice that can help to improve your home’s efficiency, reduce energy costs and lessen your environmental impact. Here are some options our roofing contractors in Miami recommend for “green” roofing.

Better Roofing

Are you a fan of shingle roofing?  Choosing a higher quality asphalt shingle, such as the GAF Timberline® series, can last 2-3 times longer than a standard shingle.  Their extended lifespan makes them an eco-friendly choice over cheaper shingles that last half as long before they must be deposited into a waste center. At the end of their service life, most asphalt shingles can be recycled into filler for roadways instead of being thrown into landfills.

Metal and tile roofing are also great products that have extended lifespans (in comparison with shingle roofing), and often last 50 years or more.

Coolness & Reflectivity

Many manufacturers are beginning to invest in cool roofing products.  One example is the GAF Timberline® Cool Series, an asphalt shingle with unique, reflective properties that helps to reduce temperatures by reflecting sunlight and heat away from your home.  In the summer or on hot, sunny days, this decreases the amount of heat buildup within your attic, keeping your home cooler and cutting air-conditioning costs.

Metal roofing, by nature, is extremely reflective and energy efficient. For homeowners with a larger budget facing a roof replacement project, installing a metal roof can be an extremely valuable investment.

Solar Power

Solar shingles are constantly under development to increase their affordability and functionality. Solar roofing can save Florida homeowners up to 60% on home energy costs by generating electricity to power a home. The two most popular forms are solar shingles seamlessly integrated into the roof or panels mounted onto an existing rooftop.

Recycled Shingles

Recycled-content shingles are made from recycled consumer and/or industrial waste materials, such as plastic, rubber and wood fiber. They keep waste out of landfills and reduce the need for new material, which in turn lowers energy consumption and reduces pollution.

Learn More from Professionals

The best roofing contractors Miami has to offer can give you more information about the eco-friendly roofing choices available for your home or business.

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Originally published: Nov 5, 2012
Information updated: August 17, 2015