Weather or Not, Here Come the Roofers of Miami for Assistance

In a worrisome report posted on the Orlando Sentinel last July 23, 2013, William Gibson points out that federal budget cuts have hurt funding for disaster readiness, which could severely affect the state of Florida. The Sunshine State is infamous for its destructive hurricane seasons every year, and a budget cut is the last thing its citizens need. Things start to look even more sour for the state, as forecasts predict that 2013’s hurricane season will be even worse than usual.

Hurricanes come and go each year in America, but they’ll always leave a destructive mark upon the poor populace of Florida. With the funding reserved for disaster prevention cut, locals will need to prepare to fend for themselves in the event of a cataclysmic storm. They’ll need to secure their homes against hurricanes and heavy downpours, and it starts with calling over roofers from Miami to reinforce the roofing of residences.

disaster readiness

Gibson elaborates that during a storm, the National Guard is dispatched to the troubled region to rescue trapped folks and motorists who have been isolated by the rising waters. However, it’s very costly to maintain and send out the Guardsmen, as they operate using a variety of pricey and heavy- duty equipment such as high-water crafts, helicopters, and other lifesaving devices. With the federal budget cuts in place, however, not only are the Guardsmen denied funding to purchase more equipment, but some of them have even been sent on unpaid time off

To make matters worse, the budget cuts have also reduced the nation’s disaster relief funding. As much as $1 billion was taken out of the ever-important stock, which could have been used to help rehabilitate devastated properties, feed hungry storm victims, and clear out debris, among other things. Governor Rick Scott pleaded with the state’s senators that the cuts will gravely limit manpower and equipment “…critical to preventing the loss of life or property in the event of disaster.”

News of the budget cuts are sure to be disheartening to the denizens of Florida (especially since they’ve come to rely upon the fund in emergencies), but it doesn’t mean they’re completely out of defensive options against the hurricanes. Capable Miami roofers like the ones from A1 Property Services Inc. can reinforce a home’s roof so that it can stand up to wind and rain. The professionals could also be called in for roofing repair, as well.