What should I know when applying for Roof Financing?

With the purchase of a home you have—perhaps without knowing it—also purchased an education in all manner of things: roof repair, appliances, lawn pests, HVAC, roof financing and other realities of home ownership. Roof financing works very similarly to automotive financing, because nobody expects you to have the full cost of a new roof sitting idly in a bank account.

Get Your House in Order

To finance a new roof, you will go through similar steps to financing other major purchases, such as a new car or vacation home. You have to prove your creditworthiness to a bank. In the Weston and Miami areas, Admirals Bank handles roof financing for A-1 Property Services. This means your FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation) credit score needs to be strong enough to not give the banker sleepless nights.

With a 640 to 699 credit score, you can qualify for up to $23,400 towards the new roof or roof repairs. With a higher score (700+), you can get up to $47,150.

Boost your credit score by minimizing debt, paying off unsecured loans (credit cards, store cards, gas cards), and honoring student loan payments. If you know you will need a new roof or substantial roof repair, avoid adding to your current debt load.

Admirals Bank will handle your roofing loan as it would any second mortgage or automobile loan. In return for providing funds so A-1 Property Services can complete roof repairs or a new roof immediately, you offer collateral (your home or mobile home).


You get a fixed interest loan, so your payments are predictable, as low as $101 monthly. You may need to adjust your monthly budget, but most homeowners in the Weston area find the $200 to $300 a month needed for the loan payment manageable. You can vary the length of the loan from five to 20 years. Other benefits:

  • Tax-deductible interest (since the loan is to improve your primary residence)
  • No prepayment penalty—pay off the loan faster to avoid interest charges
  • No equity or appraisal needed


What to Look For

When comparing roofing contractors and their financing plans, make certain you know who is providing the loan, the interest rate, and what the conditions of the loan are (term, possible penalties, and tax consequences).

Where to Call

You can contact us at A-1 Property Services to discuss roof financing, or call (305) 547-8355 to speak to a helpful representative.

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