What Timberline Cool Shingles Offer Your Home

New COOL Shingles

A roof can be a cooling and heating nightmare – especially if it is not well insulated. Fortunately, with modern reflective technology, you can join Miami’s green era with Timberline® cool shingles. The shingles have granules that have been specifically designed making them more reflective than traditional versions. They will help reduce temperatures, making your home cooler during summer’s heat and saving your energy costs.

Most of the rays from the sun are reflected reducing the amount of heat going into the home. Timberline® cool shingles save Miami residents up to 15% of their total cooling costs. However, when the temperature is higher, the savings costs go up too. Your cool roof will minimize heat gain by first reflecting the rays of the sun and then re- emitting the portion that has been absorbed.

Advantages of GAF Timberline® Cool Shingles

Save energy and money


GAF Timberline Cool Series in Antique Slate

Energy costs money.  When your roof is is able to reflect much of the sun’s heat, your entire home benefits.

Downsize cooling systems

With a smaller draw on energy, households are able to function with smaller cooling systems.

Reduces pollution

Less energy usage also translates to reduced pollution and waste.  Timberline® cool shingles are also fully recyclable.

Increases lifespan of the roof

As the shingles retain a constant temperature, reduced thermal shock extends the life of your roof.

If you are looking for ways to add your roof to the list of energy efficient components of your home, then Timberline® cool shingles are for you.

There are many green roofing materials being introduced in the market and it is hard at time to differentiate the real one from the fake. With Timberline® cool shingles, we can guarantee you will be getting the best quality at the best price.

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