What’s All the Hype About Architectural Shingles?

architectural shingles

Architectural shingles, also known as dimensional shingles, have several advantages over the more traditional type of three tab shingles that are currently covering many homes. Because of these advantages, architectural shingles are being used on an increasingly large number of Miami homes. While many home owners and contractors may not know what all the hype is about, there are a lot of great reasons to upgrade to this better form of shingle.

The Architectural’s Aesthetic Appeal

For some, a simple 3-tab shingle is perfectly fine and useful as the basic method of covering a roof to shed water and protect the home. But for a lot of people, aesthetic appeal is a seriously big deal. If you love a great looking roof, dimensional shingles are the best bet for making yours the best it can be. While architectural shingles are still made out of asphalt, they are far more aesthetically appealing.

For one thing, these shingles appear to “pop out” because of their dimensional qualities. Even the most basic dimensional shingles stand out beautifully, and this is not lost on most home owners. You can actually add value to your home just by upgrading this way, which is virtually identical from a roofing perspective. Additionally, you can even find asphalt shingles that look like slate or wooden shake, which can give an old fashioned Miami look to even the most modern of abodes.

Shingle Strength

The use of architectural shingles is something that a lot of people have never given much thought to in their own homes – but everyone should. If you love not having to deal with roofing problems for a long time, these are the types of shingles you should be seriously considering. Because dimensional shingles are made with multiple layers of material (rather than the single layer of a 3-tab), the architectural variety can withstand a lot more of the wear that Mother Nature tosses its way. Home owners have enough to be concerned about without adding roof failure to the list!

Architectural Shingle’s Long Term Value

It is true that architectural shingles do cost a bit more to purchase, though not to install. The great part is, they hold their value well, and provide an excellent return on investment, adding tremendous value and protection to your home. Is this investment worth it for your home’s durability?

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