When Roofing Goes Wrong

flat roofA flat roof in Miami can last 30 years or more. It is accessible and economical, and the large variety of options for materials makes it highly customize-able for commercial and industrial buildings.  However, when things go wrong with a flat roof, they can go very wrong.

To catch potential problems early, a professional roof inspection should be done twice a year – and after any major storms. With a flat roof, damage can sometimes go unnoticed for long periods of time. This enables water to penetrate deep into decking and insulation. Regular inspections help ensure early detection, reducing repair costs by addressing problems at once.

7 Common Flat Roof Problems

  1. Standing or pooling water is a main cause of flat roof leakage. Water that does not drain or evaporate within 2-3 days can cause serious damage to roofing material. Moisture infiltration of the roof deck and insulation is a serious problem, with leaks potentially damaging interior walls and property. Unresolved moisture problems could lead to mold, affecting indoor air quality.
  2. An accumulation of debris can block drains and gutters. With a flat roof, blocked drains can lead to roof damage and, in extreme cases, collapse from excessive weight.
  3. Repeated cycles of heating and cooling causes expansion and contraction of materials. This can lead to cracking or splitting of the sheathing.
  4. If the flat roof membrane detaches from the layer below, it may cause “roof blisters” which result from even small amounts of trapped moisture. Blistering often worsens during the daylight hours, when the heat of the Miami sun causes the trapped moisture to expand or the felt to shift.
  5. If your flat roof has a gravel covering, be sure that the gravel is not disturbed or removed. Missing gravel makes cracking and blistering of the roof more likely.
  6. Walking on exposed layers can cause additional damage. Use caution during installation and maintenance of roof air conditioners, and when removing debris from  the roof and gutters.
  7. Damage to flashing can occur from poorly installed roofing, damage during Miami storms, or fungal growth pushing the flashing away.


Flat Roof Help

When your flat roofing goes wrong, qualified roofing companies such as A-1 Property Services can help.  Our experts can locate the precise problem area, provide a free estimate, and correct any problems.

A continuing relationship with A-1 Property services, a GAF Master Commercial Roofing Contractor, can help head off problems before they occur.

Contact A-1 Property Services today for a free inspection of your Miami commercial roof.

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