Do You Know When to Replace Your Roof?

InspectionWhen is it time to replace the shingle roof on your Miami-area home? This is a question many homeowners ask. A roof is an essential house component, and a home that doesn’t feature a solid roof is prone to extensive water damage among other problems.

Check out a few signs concerning when to replace the shingle roof on your home:

Missing Granules

One sign that indicates roof replacement is necessary missing granules. These granules appear as black spots on shingles when observing a roof from the ground. Large amounts of granules frequently end up in gutters, and you will notice them when cleaning. Although the granules are not waterproofing features, missing granules means the shingle is worn down, and is susceptible to damaging UV rays. Shingles wear out much quicker when all or most of their granules are missing.

Missing Shingles

Another sign your shingle roof needs replacing is when shingles are missing or look as though another strong gust of wind will blow them off. Missing shingles mean the tar strip keeping them secure has worn out, and the shingles themselves are weakened due to missing granules and UV damage. While it’s possible to replace and repair missing or loosened shingles, strong storms will usually rip off or damage other shingles.
Shingles can also curl and crack due to shrunken asphalt. Cracked and curled shingles can easily blow off a roof, leaving a home susceptible to water damage.


While moss on a single area of a roof can be cleaned, a shingle roof peppered with an abundance of moss is a bad sign. Moss gets under shingles and lifts them up, and must be dealt with quickly in order to avoid affecting a roof permanently. The roof will require replacement depending on how extensive the damage is.

Damp or Dark Spots in the Attic

An attic featuring darkened or damp areas on the ceiling indicates the need for roof repair and replacement. This problem must be resolved quickly to avoid extensive damage and issues with mold and mildew.


The difference between repair and replacement often comes down to age. It is around 14 years that a roof starts showing signs of wear, and a roof over 18 years old will likely require replacing.

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