Why Calling Professional Miami Roofers After a Storm is a Great Idea

Safety issues from storm-related events can be a constant concern in Miami, Florida; after all, this city is often in the path of strong hurricanes every year. One hazard that could arise from such extreme weather conditions is a collapsing roof, which can injure those living below it and leave them without proper shelter during a storm. This kind of mishap is illustrated by the experience of a Hallandale Beach family, as featured in miami.cbslocal.com:

The recent heavy rainfall caused a mess for a Hallandale Beach family. They say the rains caused a ceiling to collapse in their apartment and they say their landlord ignored the problem for weeks.

Fequiere Pierre said his 81 year old grandfather was sleeping in his bed Monday afternoon when the rains were pouring down.

Pierre said pieces of the ceiling rained down on his grandfather, injuring him. Pierre said Monday was his grandfather’s birthday.

Family members said the elderly man did not break any bones but has several injuries.

Pierre said he warned the landlord that part of the ceiling caved in during heavy rains a few weeks ago and the ceiling looked to be in bad shape after this weekend. Pierre wanted the landlord to fix the ceiling.

collapse roofWhile most roofing materials are designed to last for many years, constant exposure to the elements can cause them to deteriorate faster than their intended lifespan. Proper maintenance can save roofs from early deterioration through the early detection and repair of wear and tear, especially those brought on by extreme weather conditions. To give your roof the best possible care, it is advisable to have reliable Miami roofers look into your roofing system after a heavy storm.

Residents can also conduct roof inspections on their own and watch out for signs of water damage, such as dark spots and water stains on the ceiling and rafters; cracks and holes on the roof; and wet insulation and flooring. Upon recognizing these danger signs, it is best to have professional Miami roofers look into your roof immediately to prevent the problem from escalating. A caved ceiling is a sure indication that a problem has been going on with the roofing system, which has been ignored or unattended to for quite some time.

(From Family Displaced After Rain Caused Roof To Collapse In Hallandale Beach, http://miami.cbslocal.com, April 30, 2012)