Your GAF Warranty Options

gaf_gold_pledge_sealNo matter the quality or type of roof installed on your residence, material defects and damage can occur over the course of its lifespan.

Most standard house insurance policies only cover natural event or accidental damage. As a result, you need a well-rounded warranty to protect you against the costs of roof repairs not covered by your insurance.

GAF Protection

GAF’s warranties are the highest rated in the industry and Miami for providing customers the coverage they need. In fact, GAF’s best warranty product, the GAF Weather Stopper Golden Pledge System warranty, offers unparalleled protection.

Material Defects

It covers the entire system including shingles for a roof that has a 50 year lifespan. It also covers the entire roofing system and 3-tab shingles for a 20 year roof.

Installation Labor

Concerned about new installation labor costs? Don’t worry. The Golden Pledge System warranty fully covers the cost of installation labor for the entire life of the roof. GAF also supplies workmanship and flashing misapplication coverage for 20 years.

You can also rest assured you won’t be held responsible for material tear-off and disposal costs during new installation because of material defects or workmanship issues. This GAF warranty covers both and it only permits GAF-certified installers to do the work. You’re also provided with a 40-point problem prevention factory inspection to help prevent additional material defect or workmanship issues in the future!

Additional Advantages

The GAF Weather Stopper Golden Pledge System warranty also includes coverage for damage caused by winds up to 130 mph and Category 3 hurricanes.

Additionally, every GAF product has the Good Housekeeping Promises limited warranty seal. What does this seal mean to consumers? Good Housekeeping reassures customers with this seal that a product has been thoroughly tested and performs as promised. It also guarantees replacement or refund in the event that the product doesn’t perform up to tested standards. This GAF warranty and others also guarantee free warranty transfer should you decide to sell your home or office space!

Protecting Our Customers for Years

A-1 Property Services is a GAF Master Elite roofing contractor in Miami. At the beginning of any roofing project, we advise our customers to consider a GAF warranty product to protect their budgets and for peace of mind.

For additional information about the Golden Pledge System GAF warranty or other types of GAF coverage, or roofing services, contact us today.

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