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A-1 Property Services provides Tile Roofing in the Miami area. Roof tiles are made from natural clay or concrete. Tile roofs are one of the most durable roofing materials on the market, and require very little maintenance. They are naturally fire-resistant and offer a relatively high level of insulation. When it comes to choosing between clay and concrete roofing tiles, buyers should consider both the functional and aesthetic differences between these two materials.

Superior Tile Roof Warranty

A-1 Property Services INC offers a 20 year warranty on the placement of your tile. Polyfoam Products offer a 140 MPH Guarantee for 20 years. As a GAF MASTER Elite contractor we are able to give up to 20 year workmanship and material warranty with special products on your roofing system. This warranty is known as Diamond Pledge. This means you will have a complete coverage all the way from your underlayment up to the tile it will all be covered for a period of 20 years with a wind protection up to 140 MPH.

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Which Roofing Tiles Are Best For You?

Concrete Roofing Tiles

TileConcrete tiles are made from cement that is reinforced with a fiber substrate. These tiles can be made in a variety of shapes and often mimic existing tiles, such as shingles or panels. They can come in a wider variety of shades than clay, and do not need much maintenance after being installed. They are also fire resistant, though not as much as clay tiles. They tend to be more expensive than clay.
Both of these materials are incredibly strong and durable. Concrete roof tiles last up to 50 years on average. While this is much longer than many other roofing materials, it still can’t compare to the lifespan and durability of clay. Natural clay tiles can last for centuries, and won’t break down due to wind, moisture or rain.
Clay tiles are made from earth that is baked in a kiln to remove moisture. Because it is made from all-natural products, it is environmentally friendly and easily recycled. Concrete is made from extruded Portland cement, lime, sand and water. It may have pigments or dyes added to provide color, or can be left with its natural gray finish.
Concrete roofing costs about half as much as clay tiles. When evaluating cost, however, one must also consider the lifespan of these products. Clay can easily last for decades longer than concrete, and will require replacement less frequently, making it the better value over time.
Clay roof tiles are known for their rich red or terra-cotta coloring. They can be glazed or unglazed to modify their finish, but are always found in some shade of red, orange or earth tones. This material will hold its color over time regardless of weather or damage. Concrete can be finished in any desired color using pigments or dyes, but will tend to fade over time. Even with added dye, it is difficult to match the naturally attractive finish of clay.
One of the biggest problems with clay tiles is their tendency to crack or shatter due to freezing and thawing cycles. Because of this, they are usually found only in warmer climates. Concrete is not as susceptible to damage due to freezing, and can be used in almost any climate.
Both concrete and clay tiles are fairly heavy compared to other roofing materials, but clay tends to be the heavier of the two. These tiles are often not recommended for use on existing buildings unless the roof framing is reinforced to support the added weight. Some concrete tiles can be made using lightweight shale in place of sand, allowing them to be used on existing buildings without reinforcement.


There are many types of different manufactures of Concrete roof tiles as well as many different styles. Manufacturers are Monier, Hanson, Eagle, and Entegra. They come in different styles such as Double Roll, Spanish ‘S’ small model, Spanish “S” big model, Slate which is the flat profile. When it comes to color there is a large variety to choose from. There is color thru and non color. There are blends and solids . Entegra gives you the opportunity of choosing a color that is not available. They will custom make the color for you. Our tile specialist sales estimato can help you choose the right tile for you and help you out letting you know differences between them.

Monier Lifetile
MonierLifetile, A Boral Roofing Company, was formed in 1997 as a joint venture between long-time industry leaders Monier Inc. and Boral Lifetile Inc. Monier was founded in 1965 and Lifetile in 1962. The company is the largest manufacturer of premium-quality roof tile in the United States.

Hanson Roof Tile
Available in a wide variety of design-inspired colors and profiles that can enhance any exterior style, Hanson concrete roof tile is beautiful, durable and safe. Hanson Roof Tile is virtually maintenance-free, structurally superior and lasts longer than other traditional roofing materials. Tile roofing is also Class A fire rated the highest fire-resistant rating available.
A roof is one of the most important aspects of the home. Properly installed, concrete roof tile remains the only roofing material proven to with standing speeds in excess of 125 miles per hour. Tile roofs are also your most cost-effective and energy-efficient material choice, with better insulating properties than other material choices. Hanson Roof Tile is even environmentally friendly manufactured from sand, cement and water.

Entegra Roof Tile
Entegra Roof Tile, Inc. is a smaller concrete roof tile manufacturing company located in South Florida. We are…

Knowledgeable. Owners Mike and Terry Johnson have spent the past 24 years working to make Entegra the best provider of concrete roof tile in the Southeast. Not only have these owners been in the manufacturing business for nearly a quarter of a century, they also have been involved in the installation process. Entegra knows concrete roof tile from all perspectives. Experience is priceless in this industry—don’t trust your roof to just anyone.

Eagle Roof Tile
Eagle Roofing Products created its EagleLite line specifically to provide homeowners and HOA´s with the option of choosing a superior product and a service-oriented company when you need to reroof. Given the combination of durability, beauty and responsive customer service, we hope that you feel Eagle is the choice.

Clay Roofing Tiles

roof tilesClay tiles are very similar to unglazed ceramic tiles used indoors. Manufacturers take clay, mold it into the shape of roofing tiles, then fire it in a kiln to harden it. The tiles can be either interlocking or overlapping, depending on style, but they are rarely painted and tend to be a dull red color. They are extremely fire and heat resistant, but are also very heavy compared to most roofing options.
Clay tiles are extremely durable and have a very long lifespan. They frequently last longer than the roofing materials they are built on top of. Many clay tiles have lasted successfully over a hundred years, and modern versions of clay tile manufacturing have improved. Concrete tiles, on the other hand, tend to last 30 to 50 years. This is long compared to other roofing options, but not as long as most clay tiles.
Clay tiles are extremely heavy, and this puts a lot of stress on other parts of the roof under them. This means that even though clay tiles are durable, they decrease the durability of other roofing materials in the structure, which can sometimes require repairs to fix or add support. Concrete tiles are lighter and do not affect the roof structure in the same way.
Clay tiles, after they are hardened, are made to be highly resistant to water. Both clay and concrete tiles will suffer in winter conditions where moisture freezes on the roof, but concrete is more porous and will often disintegrate more quickly. This is especially true of older concrete tile rooftops, before more modern coatings and materials were used


The difference between clay and concrete is that clay is a lighter tile that will keep the house cooler. Clay does not offer as many styles as concrete. They make the traditional Spanish “S” as well as barrel. Some manufactures offer flat clay tile. Clay can be hand made as well as machine made. Hand made can always be pricier because it has the natural look.

Santa-Fe Roof Tile
Santafé’s origins began in 1952 just outside of Bogotá, Colombia, where the highest quality clay mines are located. Our production began with bricks and blocks, the base building material used to construct much of the infrastructure of Bogotá and surrounding cities.

In 1991 exports to United States and Caribbean markets began after construction was completed on a state of the art roller kiln, allowing Santafé to perfect its products even further. With our 10 production facilities located in and around Bogotá, Santafé is the largest clay product manufacturer in South America, processing more than 3600 tons of clay per day.

Altusa Roof Tile

ALTUSA by Clay Forever, LLC is part of a European Multinational with several manufacturing facilities throughout Europe, the U.S., Central & South America. The owners of this privately held company are 5th generation manufacturers in thisindustry, so rest assure on the expertise they bring and their commitment to service and quality.

Since the creation of ALTUSA clay roof tiles 20 years ago, Clay Forever, LLC has been the Master Distributor of ALTUSA products as well as other brands in the U.S. and the global market place. We currently have 2 distribution centers that are fully stocked, one located in Miami Florida and the other one located in Early Texas, with soon to be opened our new manufacturing facility in Texas.

Colterra Roof Tile
COLTERRA embraces the beauty and unparalleled warmth of ancient clay with the uncompromising benefits of 21st century ceramic technology

Verea Roof Tile
Based on Verea’s expertise, a company located in Spain’s Northwest (A very humid and cold region with approximately 9 months of rain a year), we have created a product highly resistant to extreme weather conditions. Please see below to find out more about our products in their two different profiles

Zion Roof Tile
Zion Tile Corp…A Leader in Handcrafted Clay Roof Tile Business
Since 1980, Zion Tile Corporation has been a leader in the market of clay roof tile for residential, commercial and industrial use in Miami Dade, Broward, Florida , Bahamas and The Caribbean. We are producers as well as distributors of high quality clay roof tiles. Our products are recognized for their quality, durability and their large range of colors, which leads to an increase in the value of your property. Remember: the roof is one of the most outstanding visual elements of a house. It can set the tone by which the rest of the house is judged. The roof is also the major protector from the elements. A tile roof can protect your home for a lifetime. Aside from our roofing products we offer personalized attention from our experienced tile experts.

Ludowici Roof Tile
For over a century, Ludowici’s clay roof tile has been renowned by architects for its beauty and durability. A roof crafted from Ludowici roof tile typically lasts well over a century, and is backed by the industry’s most comprehensive warranty program, including a 75-year warranty.

Masterpiece Roof Tile
Since 1993, Masterpiece Tile Company, Inc. has been serving Florida and the Caribbean with the finest in quality roof tiles and natural slates. We represent the finest manufacturers from around the world. Our goal is to work with your design team to bring your dreams to life