Is Your Roofer Really Listening To You? Ways to Know

Is Your Roofer Really Listening To You? Ways to Know


Most roof work is hard. Yet good Miami commercial roofers must have what are known as “soft skills,” the human-oriented skills. Your partner in roofing needs to have those skills, too, and one of them is listening.

Active Listening

The technique known as active listening is a way to let a speaker know the listener is completely tuned in. Miami commercial roofers must begin by listening to you, so they hear your needs. You can check to see if you are being heard. These are signs of active listening:

  • In person, the roofer smiles, maintains eye contact, possibly leans forward a bit, and refrains from fidgeting or distractions
  • Over the telephone, the roofer will interject positive feedback (“Yes, I see”) while you speak, will ask good questions, and will often restate what you said

Helping, Not Selling

The best Miami commercial roofers are more interested in building long-term relationships than with selling a product. If your roofer responds to every concern you voice with a pitch to sell this or that remedy for your roof, be wary. Every roof is different. Every solution needs to begin with the roof itself, not with a product.


Part of helping a customer is finding the root of the problem. Water infiltration on the southeast corner of your building could be caused by an open seam on the northwest corner. Expect your roofer to ask to visit your roof for a thorough inspection before proposing a solution to your problem.

Know Your Roof

Among the best Miami commercial roofers such as A-1 Property Services, we hear tales of roofers so bad they box themselves into ridiculous corners. Suppose you call for roofing work on your small business, a cozy restaurant built to look like a little cottage, complete with fiberglass-asphalt shingles on the roof. The commercial roofer is eager to sell you on a great single-ply membrane.

You need to hang up, because the roofer has never even seen your roof and already has an [erroneous] answer.


Make certain your roofer asks you questions about your commercial roof. What kind of roof do you have? How old is it? Who worked on it last? Truly dedicated Miami commercial roofers value knowledge. If your roofer asks a lot of questions, your roofer is listening to you.


Please feel free to put A-1 Property Services to the listening test. Contact us today. We are all ears!


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