Why Are Our Certifications Important to You?


These certifications require an extensive commitment to training, including regular renewal and refresher courses, so that our installation crews are aware of the very latest information on roofing materials and installation methods. We are committed to installing quality materials using industry best practices to produce Miami roofing systems that are durable, reliable and deliver lasting quality.

There is a reason why our certifications are important to you. If your roof is installed by Miami roofers who are NOT certified by the manufacturer, any roofing warranty may be invalid. If you have a problem with your roof in the future, most manufacturers will only respond to a warranty issue if the installation was performed by a licensed and certified Miami roofing contractor. We are proud of our awards and certifications, and we will continue to provide you with the most up to date services and qualifications.

Don’t risk your roof! Choose A-1 Property Services as your Miami roofer and gain the peace of mind knowing that your roof will be protected as it is protecting you and your family.

For quality roofing, Miami trusts A-1 Property Services. Call (305) 547-8355 today for a FREE estimate from one of the top roofing companies in Miami and the leading company for roofing Fort Lauderdale homes.

A-1 Property Services has been certified as a roofing installer by many of the nation’s leading roofing materials manufacturers, including: