It is sometimes difficult to tell one Miami roofer from another.

You can’t judge a Miami roofing contractor simply by the number of trucks on the road, the size of company headquarters, or even how many customers they have. You need to check references, talk to customers and meet with the roofer to get a sense of their ability and stability.

It is also ESSENTIAL that you make sure any of the Miami roofers you speak with provide proof of insurance and licensing and, for commercial projects especially, that they are bonded. A Miami roofing contractor that lacks any of these protections is not one with whom you want to do business.


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A-1 Property Services – Licensed Roofer in Miami

  • A-1 Property Services is fully insured, with current workers’ compensation coverage and liability coverage of up to $2 million.
  • We are fully licensed by the State of Florida and keep our certifications up to date.
  • We are bonded for commercial projects.

If you hire a Miami roofer or Fort Lauderdale roofing contractor who cannot provide written proof of licensing and insurance, you are asking for trouble. If an accident occurs on your property during the project and your roofer is not covered, YOU may be held liable for damages, including any injuries that result. Many homeowners insurance policies will not cover such occurrences.

Don’t put your home or business at risk. Make sure you hire the roofers Miami trust for quality work and professionalism:  A-1 Property Services.

For quality roofing, Miami trusts A-1 Property Services. Call (305) 384-1248 today for a FREE estimate from one of the top roofing companies in Miami and the leading company for roofing Fort Lauderdale homes.

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