Common Roof Repair Problems After a Hurricane

Florida’s climate is famous for warm summers, ideal for fun and relaxing vacations. However, the aftermath of the hurricane season’s heavy rainfall and strong winds may leave homeowners in the area with a list of repair projects, including ravaged roofs. Here are a few post-hurricane roof problems treated by reputable contractors:

What are common hurricane roof repairs?

Roof Leaks

damage roofOne of the greatest threats to homeowner security is a leaking roof.  The good news is that there’s likely no reason for you to worry if you’ve stayed on top of your roof’s routine maintenance. Conversely, roofs with minor issues like cracked shingles or poor drainage may allow rainwater to seep through, leading to significant water damage.

Missing, Loose, or Broken Shingles

Hurricanes and strong winds bring about considerable wind uplift. This is dangerous to tiles or shingles, especially those that are old and unsecured, because it can easily lead to blow offs and fractures. Get in touch with your local roofer as soon as you notice that your shingles are no longer where they’re supposed to be. Don’t wait until an already bad situation turns worse.

Clogged or Displaced Gutters

Fallen branches and other debris can harm the surface of your roof as well as clog or displace your gutters and downspouts. If the weather report predicts more days of wind and rain, take time to check the condition of your gutters. You can also turn to professional roofers to provide gutter cleaning and repair services.

Roof Damage from a Fallen Tree and Other Heavy Debris

damage roof 2High-speed winds can take down trees and electrical posts. When these external upright structures fall on your roof, emergency repairs become necessary to prevent further damage to your home. Always contact a roofing contractor immediately to mitigate the effects of roof damage.

Staying up to date on maintenance and repair requirements for your roofing system can mean the difference between a roof that weathers the storm and one that gives in to the effects of wind and rain.

For more information on roof repair options in the Miami area, contact the professionals at A1 Property Services.

Originally published: Jan. 16, 2013
Information updated: August 3, 2015
Information updated: July, 2018 

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