Roof Maintenance Strategies to Save You Money & Time

///Roof Maintenance Strategies to Save You Money & Time

Roof Maintenance Strategies to Save You Money & Time

Roof Maintenance Strategies to Save You Money AND Time

Many a Miami roofing company has responded to a homeowner needing extensive repair but who never invested time or money in routine roofing maintenance. Before your Miami home’s roof becomes an expensive re-roofing project, consider these four tips to save money and time.

New Roof? Choose Metal

Miami’s harsh sun and pounding rains are legendary. If you plan to be in your home at least two decades, consider investing in metal roofing expertly installed by a local Miami roofing company. You will save money in the long run, and save many hours of labor, by selecting a strong, durable metal roof. It is nearly maintenance-free and will help lower your home’s cooling costs, too.

Old Roof? Get Annual Inspections

A typical Miami roofing company gets hundreds of residential repair and replace calls in a year, but far fewer inspection and maintenance calls. You can save yourself a lot of money and significant time by treating your home’s roof the same way commercial building owners treat theirs: invest in annual inspection and avoid expensive re-roofing.

A conscientious Miami roofer will check the integrity of your roof deck, look for signs of water infiltration, inspect flashing and assess the condition of your roofing material (shingles, tiles or metal). Small repairs can be made on the spot; more extensive work can be quickly scheduled to keep a little repair from turning into a huge expense.

Any Roof: Clean Your Gutters

Most Miami homeowners do not consider their homes guttering system to be part of the roof, but it is. It takes all the water running off the roof and escorts it safely away from your home. This saves time and money by preventing:

  • Foundation repairs
  • Roofing repairs
  • Water infiltration
  • Ruined exteriors
  • Soggy landscaping

Consider Cleaning

Many Miami-area roofs, residential or commercial, will benefit from periodic cleaning. On residential roofs, this simple process can remove moss and algae, restore color and improve reflectivity to lower your cooling bill. A clean roof adds curb value, too. Homeowners are never advised to climb onto their roofs; get a professional to do the job and avoid mishaps. Roof cleaning is fast and affordable and can add years of useful life to any residential roof.

For expert residential roofing service, contact the professionals at A-1 Property Services, your customer friendly Miami roofing company. We can help save you time and money on your home’s roof.

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