Financing Your Home Improvement Project

Our roof financing program gives you:

  • Buying power to get what you need now
  • Option to save your cash for investment or emergencies
  • Advantage of our low interest rate
  • Choice to partial pay the project and finance the rest
  • Chance to do more than just what’s needed
  • Enjoy low minimum monthly payments (Subject to credit approval)
  • Speed of fast credit decisions


Roof Financing from A1 Property Services and Admirals Bank

A1 Admirals Bank Logo - Roof Financing in Miami
Financing your Roofing Project may be the difference between getting it done now and waiting for an emergency repair. A1 Property Services has teamed with Admirals Bank to help you make your roofing project a reality today. Admirals Bank makes it easy to apply. Apply today and get your roofing project started.

Download Admirals Bank Financing Information

Basic Roof Financing Qualifications

  1. Borrower must be an owner to the property.
  2. Residential properties up to 4 units  (primary residences, 2nd homes and rental investment properties all qualify)
  3. Mobile homes qualify as long as the mobile home is on a foundation/concrete slab and is permanently secured to the land.
  4. Vacant land does not qualify. There must be a home built on the land with a permanent foundation.

Loan Amounts

Credit Score 640-699 qualifies for $23,400 in cash. Co-borrower credit score 600 or higher.

Credit Score 700 or higher qualifies for $47,150 in cash.  Co-borrower credit score 680 or higher.

Home Improvement Financing Program Highlights

  • No equity or appraisal needed.  No matter the value of a home, any homeowner can apply.
  • Fixed interest rates, payments do not fluctuate.
  • No pre-payment penalty, loan can be paid off as early as desired.
  • Tax deductible interest loan (consult a tax advisor).


A-1 Financing Payments

Fast. Simple. Smart.