Traffic Waterproofing

Vehicle & Pedestrian Traffic Coating Systems

At A-1 Property Services, we provide a wide variety of solutions for your Miami parking garage needs. We have the capability and experience in taking your complete restoration project under one contract, from the removal to the installation of your new Vehicular/Pedestrian Traffic Coating System, expansion joints, control joints, speed bumps, car bumpers Etc.

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Vehicle & Pedestrian Traffic Coating Systems

Plaza Deck Coatings, Green Roofing, Miami Roof Deck Coatings

Waterproofing Plaza Decks & Green Roofing

At A-1 we provide design services for your green roofing and plaza deck needs. Flat roof waterproofing requires experience and expertise. We offer both at competitive pricing on a complete roofing package. Our package pricing may include: insulation, filter fabrics, root barriers, water retention mats, soil, plants, trees, planting, pavers, porcelain tile, ceramic tile, astro-turf and topping slab.

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Plaza Deck & Roof Waterproofing

Below Grade Collage2

Below Grade Waterproofing

Below grade waterproofing is one of the most critical parts of ensuring a good building envelope. There is only one opportunity to install the correct waterproofing for your building, and it must be done before construction of a new project.

At A-1 Property Services, we specialize in below grade commercial waterproofing applications. From pre-applied to spray or roller applied, we are experts in below grade waterproofing. Find out more about our below grade waterproofing solutions here …

Below Grade Waterproofing